Another day, more delicious food in Hong Kong!

BBQ Pork with Rice

At home, almost every time I order BBQ pork I find myself disappointed (dry pork and not enough BBQ flavour is my usual complaint).  I figured I’d take my chances here and I’m sure glad I did.  There is no shortage of restaurants in the city offering up tasty meat and rice dishes, just look for one that looks busy with locals.


Fish Balls

Admittedly I was not excited to try these but they are ubiquitous in Hong Kong and I figured I couldn’t leave without trying.  They are a strange combination of cheap fish and flour covered in spicy sauce, and every vendor seems to serve up their own unique version.



Durian Cheese Toast

Durian is the notoriously smelly fruit that is popular in Southeast Asia.  Grilled Cheese on the other hand is my ultimate comfort food so I figured this was a fail safe way to try the famous fruit.  After all, everything tastes good when it’s covered in cheese.  It is difficult to describe the taste, so I resorted to a Google search to help me do the trick and I’ve settled on “sweet and creamy”.  While I’m not itching to try it again anytime soon, it definitely tastes better than it smells!


More Buns…

No day in Hong Kong is complete without at least one bun.  Steamed BBQ Pork Buns are a popular choice and make for a tasty and quick breakfast.  Feeling insatiable from all of the walking (and sweating), I also treated myself to a red bean and pineapple bun from one of the many bakeries.