Being flexible is the key to getting by on a long term vacation.  While planning is something I enjoy, it is important to make sure that plans are adaptable enough to adjust for things such as weather, political events, recommendations from new friends and personal circumstances.  On this trip, with a few exceptions, I’ve tried to avoid booking hostels and short haul flights more than a week or two in advance to ensure I maintain this flexibility.

While I was initially planning to travel for two more months throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar, some changing circumstances at home have led me to decide to take a hiatus from my trip and spend the summer with my family in Vancouver.  If all goes well, I hope to be back on the road (TBD on where) by early fall for another few months of adventure.

The bright side here is that this change in plans has cost me just a bit more than CAD $400 in unrecoverable expenses (a couple of AirAsia flights and a change fee on my ticket home).  Not an insignificant amount, but also not so much that I would have felt guilty taking the hit and forced myself to keep travelling while knowing it wasn’t the best thing to do.